Access the law through voice.


Finding legal information online can be difficult and overwhelming, especially when trying to access it using voice technologies. 

RightsNOW gives you trustworthy, consistent, and conversational access to legal information via voice. The legal information you access through RightsNOW is situationally relevant and relatable.

No matter what your legal competency is, everyone should be able to know their rights!


Why voice?

It's Quick

Voice technologies are great at providing quick answers, delivered seamlessly in a conversational manner.

It's Interactive

Voice can retrieve accurate and relevant legal information, sometimes it takes a little bit of back-and-forth.

It's relatable

Often people need legal information during tense or difficult situations - voice can provide that information in a sympathetic and relatable manner.

it's accessible

Hundreds of millions of devices, including smartphones, are voice enabled, creating an existing channel to deliver legal information.


Why law?


The law can be a tricky thing to pin down if you're not a lawyer (and even if you are) - laws can live in statutes, regulations, case law, judicial notes, and a whole wack of other places.


Even if you are a savvy web searcher, it can be difficult to determine whether the legal information you found is still relevant, applies to your jurisdiction, or is even credible in the first place.


We believe that a legally well informed citizenry makes
for better neighbors, teachers, mentors, coworkers, executives, authority figures, politicians, family, friends and everyone in between.


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